A Bit About the artist..

I'm a little Welsh artist in my 20's, I live with my partner and two cats in the market town of Carmarthen.

I've just finished five years in Carmarthen School of Art and have come away with an FE and a Degree in Ceramics and Jewellery! Phew!

I enjoy antique shops, forest footpaths, mountains, garden centers and video games! ... Long walks on the beach .. italian food ... oh wait wrong website.

How I work: I'm a very messy worker, organised chaos might be the best way to put it, but I love working none the less! Anywhere, on the dining room floor, office floor, in the garden, out in town on a pavement or bench, anywhere but a desk! I find this way of working fun and relaxing and it encourages me to be incredibly productive. In my practice, there's nothing worse than being confined and constrained. Work can be incredible fun, doing your passion for a job doesn't have to be a chore even when following a specific brief! 

I mainly work in clay be it by hand building or using liquid clay, 'slip', to cast different shapes from moulds that Ive carved out of plaster.
The things I make tend to be rough at first but I'll carve back into the clay to refine it and create the shape or image I'm going for. This way of working is incredibly satisfying, if not risky and time consuming but I often find after spending days carving a sculpture that the end result was worth it all!

Even though ceramics is my main gig right now, I also dabble in metalwork, stained glass and smidgen of sewing when the occasion arrises. 
Whatever I find I'm doing, I try to take a fun approach and really enjoy my work. With any luck, the fun and enjoyment I have while making something translates through it and whomever sees it will get that same sense of enjoyment too.

A little fact about this artist: One of my eyes sees in Orange, the same colour as Sodium Light. Just like the street lamps at night. It doesn't affect my perception of colour but it sure makes for an interesting take on it sometimes!


Do not hesitate to contact me, I only bite my food!


One of the advantages of being disorganized Is that one is always having surprising discoveries
— Winnie the Pooh