Bristol Calling!


An exhibition featuring 

Alana Bernett
Alice Titshall
Ellie Kate Gray
Ffranses Vivien
Tilly Worth
Victoria Collins

[unknown] is an exhibition of 6 emerging artists all of whom are recent graduates, from creative courses across the south west of England and Wales. 
Each artist’s practice demonstrating different approaches and methods, but their work united by undulating textures, abstract yet representational forms, immense detail, and skill are shown in each of the works presented. 
[unknown] is a cumulative effort of these artists to instruct and perplex its viewers.

I'll be taking part in this wonderful exhibition, organised by the fantastic Ellie Kate Gray

It's being held at the Christmas Steps Gallery in Bristol from the 15th of February to the 22nd.

For more info on the artists taking part and the Gallery itself, pop here for details and how to get there!